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Powerful Smartphones Below 10k

A Smartphone is capable of helping the user multitask. Its quick processing speed, tech specs, and other features make it the perfect gadget to use for all means and purposes. Today, many companies offer such amazing, power-packed Smartphones for below 10k to appeal to the masses and burn a hole in their pocket. Given below

How to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge

You may have read a lot about unlocking so far: whether you should do it through your carrier or a third party platform, what are the best unlocking platforms, whether it’s legal or not. No need to worry, you will find answers to all of your questions here. Just keep reading. Ways to Unlock Your

The Technology Of Mobile Wallet: An Alternate Option To Payouts

Mobile shopping has increased the demand of payment gateways. This demand has occurred because of lots of users have started making use of the mobiles or Smartphone devices to shop for any product or service. Even, in order to meet the demands of users, there are lots of new payment gateways available. The mobile shopping

Handy Whatsapp Tricks You Must Apply

One just doesn’t make Facebook make deal for it, if it is not as attractive as Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a much popular name these days, especially among the youth. In fact, I feel this is the only platform that has got the meaning and purpose of a social messaging platform in an effective way staying

Need Help Setting up a Portable Wi-Fi Zone?

Sharing your Wi-Fi connection at home or office can be quite challenging if you are using a 3G dongle or a router that doesn’t support Wi-Fi sharing. The problem is compounded when you are looking for a solution that will enable you to share the same connection at multiple places; say your office and home.