Get To Know What USB Drive Is Doing In Your Computer While On Share

There comes many situations when you wish to manipulate the activities of USB drive on Windows; especially, when your system is a shared one. USBDeView is one of the fantastic options that can let you track the activities of your USB drive within your system.

Usb Deview

In a professional scenario, it is almost impossible to avoid sharing the computers. Not only in professional cases, sometimes have you shared at home while playing a game or something like that. Your computer is obvious to keep important documents. It means, there remains every possibility of your documents to be manipulated through the shared computers using a USB drive. In fact, it has been seen to be occurring in many occasions as well.

On this context, it is important to have a dig at your system when the USB drive is in action over your system to stay ensured of any unauthorized processing performed meanwhile.

Introducing the USBDeView

USBDeView is a freeware and can be efficient in tracking the USB drives applied within a system. It makes you witness the entire USB drives linked with your system at the moment as well as in past. In addition, this freeware tool for Windows also lets you know regarding the name of the product, its id, and much other information for your better assist.

Going Through USBDeView to Track USB Drive Activity

  • Download the USBDeView application.
  • It comes in zipped format, and you need to make it unzipped.
  • Have a double tap on the downloaded file. The Winrar window makes you available with the executable file for it.
  • Now go for a double knock on the executable file, and USBDeView window becomes evident. You can witness here everything about the usage of USB drives in your system.

Basically, that’s all you have to do. Going through the steps given above, you can definitely reach at your goal.

Interesting Features of USBDeView:

USBDeView is a fantastic product that packs interesting specs those can come handy whenever you think of tracking the activity of a USB drive. You can get to know interesting information like the name of device, a short description, connectivity status, how authentic the device is to be integrated, whether USB is linked through USB Hub or not,

Although, USBDeView consisted with all genuine features those could help you all the time to track USB drive activity. Among all the corresponding features, the following list is worth checking out, date of creation, product ID, etc.

Handy and Safe:

Applications like USBDeView appear like a real friend on these occasions. You can get to know easily as any malpractice in terms of copying or tweaking your documents is taken place through a USB drive. You have to spend nothing, a sit is a freeware. The tool is also able in running a program when an USB drive is incorporated within the system.

Above all, USBDeView helps you in avoiding autorun programs from USB drives, and offers you the option of going through the tool over your native system as long as you are logged in to it as an administrator.

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