GetResponse Vs. iContact – a Detailed Comparison Review

When it comes to maintaining a-bit-more-formal relationship between your customers — visitors, as they are known as in the blog or site scenario —, Email Marketing makes more than enough sense! Given some people’s hesitance to the usage of social media platforms, choosing email as the form of communication is an impressive thing, particularly if you have something attractive to offer through those emails. Yours may be a small business, a starting-up website / blog, but it’s necessary to maintain a good flow of interaction by means of emails, for which you can use one of email marketing solutions available in industry.

GetResponse Vs iContact

That kind of solutions help you get rid of the clumsy process of designing all your emails, managing contact lists and sending the mail to each and every customer one by one. If you have ever tried to choose one of the effective email marketing solutions, you’d have heard about GetResponse and iContact. Well, if you’re to choose between both, we bet it’s a tougher task, indeed. In this post, however, we have tried to make your choice a bit easier, by comparing various aspects of both GetResponse and iContact. So, shall we start our journey? First, we will have an introduction to both the solutions so that you get a concrete idea about both.

GetResponse — an Introduction

GetResponse is, as you can get from its name itself, a solution that helps you get a response from visitors and keep the ball of communication rolling when it’s between you and your customers! From receiving information from a visitor to bringing a stunning email newsletter to him or her, GetResponse will be there to help you, regardless your real level of expertise. Simply put, GetResponse has an interface that satisfies both newbies and professionals at a time and its all-in-one behavior is also worth noting, we believe. There is a huge number of features you get when you decide to go with GetResponse for your email marketing needs.


GetResponse helps you create not only some email newsletters but much more! For instance, you can use the tool if you want to create forms, using which you can have an email list. Likewise, by improvising templates you have, you’d be able to create landing pages in no time, and all these email newsletters are responsive, letting them to serve well in both mobile devices and PCs. If these are about email newsletter creation, there is a lot more awaiting you in the contact management sector of GetResponse, such as the List Booster to import contact, Autoresponders 2.0 in order to keep an interactive approach between your customers, Email Intelligence for analyzing reach of your emails etc.

iContact — an Introduction

iContact is an email marketing solution that offers different levels of features and capabilities in different parts of the tool. Of course, there are hundreds of email newsletter templates in the inventory and they can be used for creating an impressive newsletter for your customers. Just as the case of GetResponse, you get some features when it comes to the analyzing scenario and iContact offers a relatively higher deliverability rate as well. As you can guess, iContact is not disappointing you in terms of features either.


While its List Management section helps you manage your contacts in a quicker manner, Spam check of iContact will be much useful when you want to assure delivery of all your emails. There is support for Autoresponders, but you do not have many features when it comes to the customization aspect, to be noted. It’s a fact that, although it does not disappoint you, you miss a lot of features if you decide to stick on with iContact.

Customer Care

Given these extra features you get from these email marketing solutions, you’d have some doubts to clear, at a time! Both solutions offer different ways to get in touch with their Technical Support wing, where you can find answers for your doubts and queries. You have the options to contact both through live chat, toll-free number or email. So, when it comes to comparison, it ends up in a TIE.


This is where the turning point comes!

In GetResponse, you have only a single category, where different plans are available. The basic plan, which lets you manage up to 1000 subscribers, costs $15 per month, with unlimited emails per month. At the top, you can manage up to 100,000 subscribers by paying $450 per month; for all these plans, you can get an annual discount too.

GetResponse Pricing

To be frank, iContact is way too expensive than GetResponse or even some other solutions in the market. You can have 3 different categories in iContact, for small businesses, bigger businesses and for huge ones. At the basic level, you’ve to pay $14 for 1000 subscribers and the top plans takes $117 from your wallet while letting you manage up to 15000 subscribers.

iContact Pricing

In any case, GetResponse is the cheaper one.

Our Verdict — GetResponse Wins

We guess you will not be ready to lose some stunning features especially when it’s available in a cheaper rate! It is to be noted that you get some truly awesome features, which can make interaction better, from many perspectives. So, it’s simple enough to decide.

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