GetResponse Vs. Instapage Detailed Comparison

We have talked enough about landing pages and how these seemingly-little pages are quite significant for efficiency of your promotion campaigns. Landing pages can do the job very well if you know the art of creating and maintaining an effective landing page. You have to analyze how many people visit your page; the places where your visitors tend to click and whether they click on the proposed areas.

You cannot go manual with all these tasks when you’re a hard-working marketer, as the whole set of process would consume a lot of time. But, of course, you have solutions there — like GetResponse and Instapage, which are two of the most noted landing page builders you can get your hands on.

At the very same time, choosing one from GetResponse and Instapage can be confusing from the marketer’s point of view, given the extreme popularity of both tools. In this post, however, we will give you a clear comparison between GetResponse vs Instapage so that you can know which one is really for you.

A Short Intro to GetResponse and Instapage

Having started its journey way too back, GetResponse is a quite-noted solution for digital marketers, meant to make them do a lot of things, such as sending newsletters, creating webinars, setting up Autoresponders and on top of the whole stuff to create some stunning landing pages for different purposes. The product has a huge number of clients, around the globe, who trust GetResponse when it comes to sustainable methods of reaching their customers. If we’d sum all those up, GetResponse is a complete package for the typical digital marketer out there.

GetResponse Create Dashboard

Instapage, as you might have guessed from its name, is mainly about pages — which can be created and published in a matter of instants. You cannot expect any kind of additional options such as email newsletters or Autoresponders of any kind, but the job it is meant to do — that is of landing page creation — would be done in the most efficient & commendable manner. There are several kinds of integrations and template collections available for you, which we’ll have a look later in this duel.

Instapage Dashboard

The Collection of Templates

You may be a good design, but a good landing page creator should always have the best number of templates for the various purposes you may have. Now, we can compare both GetResponse and Instapage with respect to the landing page template collection they offer.

GetResponse truly has a versatile amount of landing page templates to offer. What we loved most about collection is that the templates have been optimized for several purposes — a launch event, an about us page or something that requires attention. In the sidebar of template-selection page, you can see the list of the main categories and the type includes Webinar Pages, Video Pages etc. In each of the categories you select, you can find the best templates, given you’re clear about what you’re looking for.

GetResponse Template Collection

On the first look, you may think that Instapage has the same level of collection as compared to that of GetResponse. It isn’t the case as we take a closer look and as we come to know that the collection isn’t that purpose-optimized. It means that you will find an umpteen number of templates in different categories, but you — the digital marketer — has the burden of making that page suitable for the real purpose. The purpose may be sometimes an event or about-us description.

Instapage Templates Collection

Customization of Your Landing Pages

Even when you have found the best landing page template for the purpose, you have something left to do — and it’s not limited to replacing the default text with your brand name. There may be elements to be taken off and some to be added. For all these, we need a better interface of customization.

Perhaps due to the experience the firm has in the field of digital marketing, the control and customization section of GetResponse is quite commendable from the productivity point of view. There are the right controls available, hence making it possible to integrate required elements and services. Also, even as we take the case of basic editing — like, you are changing the background colour or text —, the interface is quite professional. On top of all these, in case if it is necessary to make your OWN changes in the landing page, GetResponse offers an option of HTML Editing. In this mode, you can edit the HTML code for an enhanced change on the stuff that matter. It’s quite useful per se.

GetResponse Landing Page Editor

We won’t say the customization panel of Instapage is bad — we won’t say it’s ineffective either. But, we can say that the panel is quite limited from a digital marketer’s point of view. The control panel is way too minimalistic that you’d not get the professional feel of editing your landing page. Of course, there are options for individual editing of those small elements. You can also add some additional stuff such as timers and social media buttons to your page in one click. Despite all these, the customization panel won’t satisfy the real customizer in you, we suppose.

Instapage Editing

Publishing & Integration

Publishing and maintaining the landing pages are two important things once you’ve finished the design part. And, we have a kind of tie between GetResponse vs Instapage.

In GetResponse, you have two methods of publishing your landing page. You can either use your own domain name or use one of the great-looking sub-domains offered by GetResponse; either case, the process is simple. And you’ll be getting the real thing moving on. Talking of integrations available, there are plenty of services that you can set up with your landing page. For instance, the list includes PayPal, Magento etc.

GetResponse Service Integrations

There are advanced forms of publishing as we come to Instapage. You’ve five options to choose from — Instapage, Facebook, WordPress, Drupal and your custom domain. This is an upper-hand for sure. However, its integration part may disappoint you in the long run. You have the basic stuff at your disposal but none of the services are really of use from the productive point of view. So, there’s scope for choice, still.

Instapage Publishing

The Pricing Factor

We’ll have a quick-look on the pricing plans of both GetResponse and Instapage.

The basic plan of GetResponse is available for a monthly rate of $15, and the package includes a fully-fledged pack of email marketing solution, which is a matter of concern. You can go to the higher plans if you need support for more customers.

GetResponse Pricing

In Instapage, the basic plan would take $29 per month from your wallet. It has to be noted that the solution is about landing pages — and landing pages only. In case if you want email marketing, you need to get one separately and to pay accordingly.

Instapage Pricing

The Bottom Line

While summing up, it’s clear that GetResponse offers a better lot of options at an affordable rate. There is an upper-hand of GetResponse in terms of customization, collection of templates and integration options. Quite surprisingly, it has a pricing plan that is affordable. Moreover, for a lower rate, you’re getting a bunch of features such as an email newsletter manager and Autoresponders out there. So, what would you choose — and the answer is yours.

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