Handy Whatsapp Tricks You Must Apply

One just doesn’t make Facebook make deal for it, if it is not as attractive as Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a much popular name these days, especially among the youth. In fact, I feel this is the only platform that has got the meaning and purpose of a social messaging platform in an effective way staying away of the mindset to attract through repeating extraneous features.  Anyway, your Whatsapp experience can be even better going through the handy tricks given below. Have a look!

Whatsapp Tricks

Disable” Last Seen” Option:

Whatsapp makes others know when exactly you were exactly on the platform last time. However, it offers the flexibility as well so that you disable the option.

If you use Whatsapp on iOS platform, then you can disable the timestamp just by going to Settings, then Chat Settings, next Advanced, and make Last Seen Timestamp off.

However, the Android users will have to take the help of another application called Hide WhatsApp Status, which disables your data connectivity options. Anyway, as you get out of the app, all those disabled options get functional again, and WhatsApp gets synced.

There is another fine application called “Not Last seen” that doesn’t even demand any root access to be installed, and it can effectively disable the last seen feature.

Having Back-Up for WhatsApp Chats:

The iOS users can back up their WhatsApp chats just by going to Settings, then Chat Settings, next, Chat Backup, and finally clicking Back up Now.

The Android users have to move over Settings, next Chat Settings, and then click Backup conversations for having backup. However, to back up media, you have to take the help of a file manager, and take the media folders in Whatsapp.

Maintain Best Privacy:

Privacy has been always an important consideration in any of the social media option. You can offcourse stay ensured that no one is taking a dig at your WhatsApp texts. If you an Android user, there is an app called WhatsApp Lock that can protect your chats from these spying eyes.

Change the Profile Picture, But of Your Friend:

Whatsapp loves fun. You can see your friend’s profile picture the way you like; though, others can only see the way your friend sets it. To make it happen, just take any random picture from the web, make it of 561 x 561 pixels, and rename it as your friend’s mobile number. Then, go to SD Card, next WhatsApp, and then profile Pictures, and your job is done.

One WhatsApp Account is Not Enough:

WhatsApp is too adorable, and for some, it’s just impossible to feel satisfied with just a single account. Don’t worry; just having a dual SIM handset can make you have multiple Whatsapp accounts.

There is a nice application called SwitchMe, installing which lets you make distinct profiles over your device that has different accounts, apps, and settings.

Get All Detail of Your WhatsApp Message:

Total number of messages that you have delivered since your inception with WhatsApp can be known through the application, WhatStat for WhatsApp. It also lets you know the number of texts you have sent on the day, or in past week. You just need to move over Settings, then to Account, and Network usage to take a look at entire statistics.

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