Have a Better Control Over Your Email

Like me, there are many whose day start with opening their mail account, and end with signing it out. It has become such an integral part of this contemporary life. However, it becomes annoying when the account is overloaded with irrelevant stuffs. In a busy schedule it’s really important that you learn the art of managing the mail account. Here we provide you with some useful tips those can be helpful for you on this regard.

Control Over Email

Take a Constant Dig at Your Email

This is such a simple method. Consistency wins always. Checking your mail box in a regular interval is certainly less tiring as you are already aware of those are already seen, and those are not.  Still, if you think it disturbs the flow of your work, then you can assign a particular time frame for doing this. It would be best to if you let everyone (those are important for you), or your potential clients know about it.

Going Through the Mails in an Efficient Way

Going through the emails is also an art. Handling it properly can certainly save a lot of your precious time. Time is always your property; you can assign it the way you like. In this case as well, you can fix a certain time period, some minutes to go through a mail. If you realise reading the mail and replying it falls within your prescribed time frame, then go for it immediately. You can realise the effectiveness of the strategy when you are in a hurry as you will find the above strategy has reduced a considerable amount of your work.

For those which you find will take more time than your assigned, you can leave it for later. However, fix a certain schedule in the day as well to deal with these mails. You can take help of features like to flag, highlight, etc those are available in many known email platforms.

Yes, dealing with “FYI” mails is always tricky in comparison. These mails come in a huge number. Generally these mails do come from your official team. One of the finest ways to distinguishing them is to check whether it is in the “cc” filed, or it is in’ To’. If it is within cc, then maximum possibilities hold for it to be the FYI mail. You should take a look at these immediately.

Take Action Immediately

Laziness in any way is painful. Sometimes people get to know about particular information through phone call, or through any similar source like this. They generally have enough time to deal with the issue. Still, with a kind of stubborn mindset that they are on a leave, they don’t look at it. As a result, it has been seen in many cases that other mails get stacked over those, they miss it, and have to face the complaints.

Use the Features

How much time does it take to mark a particular mail, and tap the delete option for it? It hardly takes one or a couple of seconds. In fact, the mail accounts come with a feature so that you can mark all seen, and just press the delete button. Within a while the number of mails in your account gets reduced in to half! Still, people find complaining a better option rather than doing this.

In addition, if you find any particular kinds of mail inappropriate; then it can be reported as spam, and your mail restricts such mails in to your inbox; simple as that.

Finally, it’s already within your control; you just have to go for it.

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