Kick Off Your Holiday Shopping with these Wonderful Gadgets

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s time to start shopping. Gift giving to your friends and family should be a rewarding experience, and to make it easier here’s a list of the gifts they’re guaranteed to want. Gadgets always make people smile, and these are cool options to get them connected, downloading, and having fun.


Internet Connected Computer

Is it possible to live in today’s society without a laptop or computer? Yes, but who wants to? If the kids don’t already have one, a computer or laptop is a great investment and makes a high-quality gift. It’s great for recreation, but it’s also useful for completing school work.

Sweeten the pot by also giving the gift of truly high-speed internet, such as fiber optic. Fiber optic is the fastest Internet available to consumers and, according to Frontier Fios, it’s the only Internet you don’t have to share with your neighbors. Your speeds are dedicated to your household.

Small Devices for Big Smiles

Looking for a wow factor in your gift-giving? Good things come in small packages, and this year there’s all sorts of small devices to put a big smile on your recipient’s face. Smartphones, smart watches, e-readers, speakers, and tablets all make wonderful gifts.

If your girlfriend likes movies, why not offer her a smartphone projector? Easy to use, portable, and able to turn a phone into a big screen (saves you money on a flat paneled television). Make sure to include portable batteries, so she can take it anymore.

Small gadgets are getting more powerful and efficient, and they’re also getting easier to use and cheaper compared to last year. One gift (not exactly cheap, but has a definite wow factor) is a drone. Drones are increasing in popularity for many reasons, and because they can be used for a variety of purposes (aerial photos and video being the main one).

Gadgets for Your Parents

It’s hard shopping for mom and pop who maybe aren’t so technologically inclined. For older generations, consider the benefits of useful gadgets that are easy to use, such as a digital camera. If your mother loves to cook with herbs and spices, award her with a smart herb garden. It makes growing herbs simpler than ever before.

If your parents are getting older, you may want to consider a gift that can help them. Safety gadgets are available, and include such useful gifts as house-cleaning robots, automatic pill reminders, and big-button cell phones. These gifts will ensure your aging parents are safe, and able to reach you in case of an emergency.

For the coffee lover, consider a Keurig or other smart coffee machine. There’s also smart creamy expresso makers. There’s a lot of kitchen items that are smart and require little to no skill in technological operation, such as smart frying pans and drop connected kitchen scales.

From smartwatches to e-readers, there are plenty of gadgets for this holiday shopping season. Just think about who you’re shopping for and what they’d like, and then buy accordingly. The gadget menu is near limitless, and that means there truly is something techie for everyone, and everyone loves techie gifts.

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