How to Fake Your Location in Google Chrome

Fool the Sites with Wrong Location Information in Google Chrome

Websites can tell about your exact location. They can do so through HTML 5 Geolocation API. However, you can also make others fool being a little smart. Through Google Chrome you can smoothly change your present location.

Fake Location

Sites Finding Your Information:

You must have marked it that there are some sites those sometimes seek access in to your present destination, as through the process they can make you available with refined or appropriate set of information.

For example, when you enquire about a restaurant, there are sites with maps those make you available with the restaurants those can be reached by you in a quicker while. They do so by taking your current geographical destination into account. It definitely is a good example. However, there come situations when you better prefer your present geographical location not to be revealed. Here we mention the way you can make this happen.

How Your Location is Actually Determined:

Previously, the sites would take the IP address in to account for making estimation of your probable destination. However, through HTML 5 Geo-location API, it can be said exactly about your present location. They take information through GPS, mobile towers, other connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and also through the IP address of the computer.

As you are ready to reveal your location with the browser, it exports every detail to Google Location Services for making speculations about your position, and then it is shared with the enquiring site.

There are certain applications also available on this regard. Upon opening the apps over your browser and letting it to know the detail of your location detail, the application becomes able in showing details in a refined way. These apps can offer even refined result over mobile browsers, as the mobile devices come with native GPS.

How to Give False Information:

Before you visit a website as of above, the browser generally asks for confirmation prior you share the location detail. If you are not interested in revealing the detail, you are always going to have the option to deny through Google Chrome. In fact, you can give them wrong information upon following the below given procedure.

We repeat it again; the browser must be Google Chrome. if the platform is Windows, press Ctrl+Shift+I, and Cmd+Opt+I, if it is Mac. The Chrome Developer Tools open up then. Next knock the Esc button, and move over the Emulation tab, and go through the Sensors option in left sidebar.

You can find “Emulate Geolocation coordinates” here, and put the accurate information that you have no problem to share with the site. You can share longitude, and latitude information of the location.

Upon refreshing the site then takes the wrong information as you have given. However, Chrome doesn’t take the fake location detail once the developer tools section is not available.

The facility is available for you through Google Chrome only, not even with Mozilla. However, through the Geolocator add-on you can offer any information you like to the HTML5 Location API.

So, just try this out and let us know about your experience.

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