How to Recover Deleted Files from Dropbox

Dropbox has become the choice of everyone when it comes to file sharing or storing. The unbelievable features and the astonishing benefits of the Dropbox have make millions of users and fans. However, there are few things that people must know about Dropbox. There are some myths about it that if any file is deleted then it cannot be restored back in Dropbox. It is a myth and in reality it can be received back that too with very simple steps. Does not matter the file was shared or an individual file, Dropbox allows you to restore whenever you want. The features of Dropbox Primary have just one criterion that the file must have been deleted a month ago. The Dropbox primary features stores the deleted files for a month or 30 days. However, if the user wants then he or she can easily extend the time period to 12 months or one year with the extended version. Dropbox is known for great features and this is one among them.

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Restoring Multiple Folders or Files

If there are many Files and Folders involved in the Dropbox then can it be restored? Well, it has to be. A user can restore the files or folders with some easy and simple steps. To recover the files you need to sign in to the Dropbox websites and search for the Events option. It should be listed on the left corner of the page at second bottom position. The user needs to click the events option and search for the shared folder where multiple files were deleted. In the events, the deletion of multiple files will be registered in the events. Click on the events link where the files were deleted. The link will take you back to the multiple files that were deleted. The events show an option for restoring the files. The multiple files that were deleted can be restored simply by clicking the restore button. It will restore all the files that were deleted

Restoring Individual Files

If a user searching for an option in Dropbox to restore the deleted file or folder then it is relatively easier. Any file or folder that was deleted from Dropbox is stored in Trash Folders of the Dropbox. All user has to do is, to go to the Trash Folder and find out the particular file or folder they are looking for. User can simply select the file and click the restore button. The file can be restored by this way.

If all these ways fail then, you can still recover your files from Dropbox Cache. Use can go to the Application Data in the My Compute in Drive. However, it has to be remembered that Application Data is a hidden folder and can only be seen when user activates the file to unhide. Just go to the Cache folder of Dropbox and drags it out of the folder and get it back. This way you can again restore the files and the folders.

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