How to Remove “Earlier Version of Windows” from Windows Boot Menu

If you are keen on removing the previous edition of Windows from boot menu, then you are at the right place. People started looking solution for something like this especially after the inception of Windows 7, as a lot of sweat was drained to completely remove the Windows XP. In fact, such issue of older edition of platform might be there even post several days of incorporation of the latest operating system. It’s nothing uncommon to see someone dealing with multiple platforms on a single device.

Windows Versions

In addition, small issues related to adaptability also arose in above cases. It’s been absolutely annoying in many occasions. Especially, the problem has been seen to appear frequently on boot menu. It takes some unnecessary time which is too hectic in today’s busy scenario.

BCDEDIT Can Be Handy For You:

Anyway, if you wish to remove the earlier edition of Windows entry from boot menu, then the wish can be definitely fulfilled through the BCDEDIT. BCDEdit, or Boot Configuration Data Editor Tool is a handy option that can also be crucial in terms of altering the Boot Menu Text

Here we mention everything in a great detail. Have a look!


  • First you have to open the command prompt. You have to open the command prompt first. The Windows 7 users can look for cmd at the Start menu.
  • Have a right click on the exact result, and go with Run as Administrator. The Windows 8.1 users can simply make it happen through Win+X.
  • As the command prompt becomes available with you, put the command bcdedit, and tap enter.
  • You come across with the details that talk about Windows Legacy OS Loader. You can find the earlier editions of the Windows within description.
  • As you manage to see the way it has been mentioned above, your job is almost done.
  • You can now be able to delete, simply by putting the command given below and tapping the enter key.

bcdedit /delete {ntldr} /f

  • Things get done at an ease. Within a while you have tapped the enter key, it shows you a confirmation text that talks as of below.

‘The change will be reflected immediately. You can restart your PC to check whether the unnecessary entry has been removed or not’.

Removing The Earlier Edition Through Easybcd

However, if you are not passionate enough in terms of dealing with any command or visiting the command prompt, then the task can be done through a nice tool called ‘EasyBCD’. The frill offers an absolute control with the boot system of your device. Following the easy steps given below can make your job absolutely done. Take a look!


  • Open the tool (EasyBCD), and move over to the Edit Boot Menu section.
  • You can find the entire boot menu details there in a complete way.
  • It shows you the multiple boot entries including the Windows 7 and the previous edition of Windows.
  • It has a nice interface where you can change things the way you like deleting the entry, renaming it, etc.

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