How to Remove Trending Articles from Facebook News Feed

Facebook is the backbone of the social networking site and also the major part of our life. We spend great amount of time in Facebook and that makes Facebook a comfortable place for us. However, it might not be comfortable for everyone for everything. The Trending Articles of Facebook might annoy many as it has done that in past. Facebook does not allow the user to have any option to get rid of those trending articles from the Timeline. It might be from the friends who are Liking, Commenting or Sharing the news. However, if something keeps on popping up in front of your eyes which you do not bother about, then it might really irk you. Officially, Facebook says that you have to abide by the Timeline Trending Articles.

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Work Around in Facebook

Facebook has many features and options and if somebody is aware of that then work around can be obtained. Now, the problem is you have to do some research and some manual steps to achieve that. However, it does not entirely remove the trending articles, but it does curb the annoying presence of some Apps and other stuffs. So, everybody is aware of the Blocking feature of Facebook.

User blocks unwanted people from the timeline but the same feature can be used to reduce and remove the trending articles from the timeline. If you know the apps that keep on coming on your timeline that you will be able to know after simple research of your timeline then you can block those apps. It is very simple and easy. User has to go to the Settings and go to the Blocking and Manage Blocking. The user needs to type the name of the apps that he or she does not want to see in the timeline. The user can block as many as wanted or required. However, the trending articles will still be available on the timeline but the load can be reduced.

Other World Around

The earlier one was not a entire solution and that leaves behind few things that you do not want to see. Now, as a user what you want to do to get rid of the articles? The answer should be some easy steps that ensure no more trending articles. Yes, there are easy steps and these are the Browser Extensions. The Browser extensions make sure that your Facebook timeline does not include any of the Trending Articles. It makes your life easier and better as you can see whatever you want to see. There are many extensions available which will make sure that Facebook timeline is not flooded with the trending stuffs. FB Purity or Stylish Extensions are few of the Chrome Extensions which can tackle the situation to remove or disable the trending stuff from your Facebook timeline.

There might be few other work around and people are constantly searching as it is not a very popular feature of Facebook. Work around can help the users to cope the situation until Facebook makes It optional.

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