How To Zoom Videos In iOS

Undoubtedly you can now zoom at the same time while recording the videos. Yes, it’s true that earlier the users were missing the feature. There are some handy applications available to make such wish fulfilled. Here we have mentioned about a few of those.

Zoom Video

Video Zoom 2

It’s a complete solution for the purpose. The tool is having a 30 fps recording ability while you are zooming in. This is considered one of the most efficient tools available of the contemporary time on this regard.

Zoom Recorder

This app is in fact more than just a recorder. You can control the fundamental zooming through keys. In addition, there is auto focus, flash. However, you have to be satisfied only within portrait mode for recording purpose. The most interesting part though is the iOS type layout. You can have option to record landscape videos as well. However, you may need to arrange these through any tool over your system.

Especially, demand of the feature came in to the picture after arrival of iPhone 4, or 4S. Putting the device close to a product can’t really be the solution. The iOS 7 users have found a way through Cydia.

Well, Video Zoom Mod is a pretty sleek way to zoom in prior you initiate the recording, and at the same time you record the video. In addition, the stretch factor can be tweaked as well in accordance with your need.

Going With The Video Video Zoom Mod:

After being incorporated, the Video Zoom Mod gets straight in to wok spontaneously. The best part is that there is no worry absolutely to go for any sort of physical set-up. It has a fine interface though.

Move over the Settings app to bring changes in ‘Maximum Zoom Factor’, which has a default value as five.  Generally, the above value is kept anywhere at three. Hence, upon setting anything less, Video Zoom Mod spontaneously adjusts it in accordance the need. However, it is advised not to make the value too large on this regard. It may affect greatly on the snapping quality and the output.

Zoom In Your Video While Recording:

To make Video Zoom Mod in action, you have to bring the Camera app in to action and move over to the Video mode. A gentle tap shows you a zoom slider, which is quite equivalent to the one in Photo capture. However, you can just swipe the finger over the slider as well to tweak the zoom statistics. You can go with the same process while being already on the way of your video shoot.

Everything with Video Zoom Mod has been presented in a pretty simpler fashion that can be dealt by people those are even using it for the first time. Above all, the method is perfectly reliable. Upon going with the method doesn’t involve any risk with your product, and you can always stay assured of its safety. You can find the Video Zoom Mod there within the BigBoss repo of Cydia store, and initially made for iOS7.

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