How to be Safe on Internet – Internet Safety Tips

Internet has become non optional part of everyone’s life. We use internet to do many things. Things like Learning, checking weather, sending and reading emails, video calling can be easily done on internet. Many peoples don’t know how to use internet properly. They fall in scams and lose money by sharing personal information. Internet is full of knowledge, but it has its dark side. Internet is spammed by many spammers.

internet safety

These spammers may hack your accounts, ask you for your important personal details, etc. Well, we have some tips to stay away from these spammers and prevent losing our important personal information.

  • Always User Trusted Websites:-

Many websites are built to collect your personal information. They collect your information by phishing method or injecting Malware and spyware in your PC. You should not visit such websites. To know which website is made for collecting your personal information or infected with viruses, you should install Norton Toolbar. This toolbar shows you which website is virus infected and which is safe to visit. For example, when you visit, Norton certificates will show it as safe to visit, it means this site is marked as safe to visit by Norton. It is recommended not to visit websites which are marked as virus infected.

  • Never download anything from untrusted sites:-

If you download anything from untrusted website, your computer will get infected by Viruses. It is a very easiest way by which spammers can inject viruses in your PC. Whenever you want to download anything, you should do it from official website. Websites which offer free software downloads, music and videos download are most likely to inject viruses.

  • Never reply to spam emails:-

Spam emails are sent by spammers who want to fool you and collect your personal financial information. Usually, these spammers send emails stating that ”you’ve won $$$ in XXX contest”. These emails are scam and you’re supposed to not to reply to these. Once you reply, they will sell your email id to other spammer and your mailbox will be filled with spam emails. So, never reply to these emails and be safe.

  • Use Anti-virus program:-

Internet is not safe for anyone. If you want to be safe from viruses which can steal your personal details and destroy your computer. These viruses can easily destroy computer and you’re saved data. Make sure, you have installed premium Anti-virus software which will protect your computer from viruses. Also, enable Anti-Spyware, Anti-malware and firewall feature before surfing internet.

  • Beware on Social network sites:-

When you are surfing on Social networking sites you have to aware about spam. Whenever you see any suspicious link in your message box, never click on it. It might be a spam link which will insert virus in your computer. Hackers and spammers use these type of links to phishing and collecting your password information. Never click on such links and be safe.

  • Verdict:-

Internet is a wonderful invention which is helpful for everyone. Internet is a major source of information. You can use for entertainment, for business work, for education, etc. Internet has its own advantages and disadvantages. With internet, your life has become more convenient. It has very useful information bu also it is spammed with spammers. It is always better to stay safe before getting spammed. Follow above tips and be safe on internet.


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