Make Free Video Calls with Firefox Browser

Making a video call is much easier these days – you simply log into your video chat client and call up the person you need to see. Now video chat has been made even more simplified via Firefox Hello – you simple click on video calling and the conversation starts. This video chat client is way simpler than any other client that you have known for all these days since it requires no signing up for an account; or a credit card details for payment. It’s instantaneous and requires no money – Firefox Hello is the impressive new video chatting client on the horizon.

Firefox Call

How Do You Get it?

The new Firefox Hello client has been included with the Mozilla Firefox browser update, version 35. Visit Mozilla’s website to get the let version of Firefox. Even though it’s a Beta version and included in the Firefox browser last fall; you could still avail most of its features.

What’s Firefox Hello?

It’s basically a video chat agent, based on WebRTC Base. The conversation starts instantly, but it takes a common link to be shared between both the participants. To start a video call, one needs to send the link to the other participant and start talking. However, initiating the call requires a Mozilla Firefox browser but the recipient could use just any other browsers. They could be on Chrome, Internet Explorer or Opera whatever they prefer. This makes the Firefox Hello more acceptable and widespread over the past few months.

How to Establish a Call?

The new Firefox comes with a Hello icon on top right corner, which looks like a smiley emoticon. Clicking on the button opens a small window with a blue button ‘Start a Conversation’. Upon clicking that blue button, you get to see a text box where you can name the conversation. After the naming is done, you get the option to send the conversation link to your chat partner.

When the recipient receives the link and joins the chat, the Hello icon on top right corner turns blue, indicating that the chat is online now. On the small window popped up earlier, you shall see your partner’s name with the link. The chat has begun.

To end the conversation, click on the maroon colored button that holds the white exit icon. The conversation will remain under the Hello button’s window for one-click future use. You could delete the record using the trash button, as well.

Allow Firefox to Use Your Microphone and Webcam

There might be certain security features implemented by your antivirus software that would restrict Firefox from using the microphone and webcam attached to your computer. To gain access to these hardware, type about:permissions into the address bar and manually give access to the microphone and webcam. Without the access you can’t use Firefox Hello.


For now, the Firefox Hello is able to create a conversation between two people only. The infrastructure wouldn’t allow a group video conversation for now, but in future iterations there might be options to add more than one people to video conversations.


For instantaneous and easy to use video conversation, Firefox Hello is the newest addition to such category. It’s easy to use and cost free, works pretty good on average internet connections. If you like a video chat with someone hassle free, Firefox Hello might be your best option.

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