Need Help Setting up a Portable Wi-Fi Zone?

Sharing your Wi-Fi connection at home or office can be quite challenging if you are using a 3G dongle or a router that doesn’t support Wi-Fi sharing. The problem is compounded when you are looking for a solution that will enable you to share the same connection at multiple places; say your office and home. This calls in for the need to set up a portable Wi-Fi zone. In earlier days, portable Wi-Fi routers was the only option, but with the advent of USB enabled Wi-Fi hotspots, it can be done in an easier way.

A portable Wi-Fi router consists of a router in a box like device that can be plugged via USB into a laptop or Netbook. These can be used for individual use as well as for commercial purposes. There are many manufacturers offering such portable USB Wi-Fi devices and you can choose one according to your desired data plan.

WiFi Zone

Setting up a portable Wi-Fi zone

If you know a bit about routers and computers, setting a portable Wi-Fi zone is a walk in the park. Make sure your device has a built in router before you purchase it. Most cards come with a default configuration and all you need to do is connect and access the internet. But, with some connections, you need to reconfigure a bit to ensure Wi-Fi connectivity to multiple users. If the problem persists, you may contact your data provider to make sure your current data plan allows for shared internet connection. You can access the device configuration by using your internet browser. It is recommended to set a password for Wi-Fi sharing to ensure no free loaders leech off your valuable data. If you are an expert, you can enhance the security layer by choosing a stronger encryption.

If you are going to use your Wi-Fi zone in public places too, it is recommended to have a stronger encryption and if you find it impossible to do it yourself, you could always get professional help for proper configuration.

Cost savings

Using a portable Wi-Fi zone has obvious economic advantages too. Instead of purchasing and maintaining separate internet connections for your office and home, you can make do with a single one. Furthermore, by sharing it with your friends and roommates, you can share the cost of the connection as well. It is a win-win situation for all parties concerned. Just make sure your data plan will suffice for all the users that are hooked into your Wi-Fi zone.

The Future

Owing to its ease of use and excellent performance, this technology is all set to grow at a rapid pace. Research is already on for enhancing the coverage of such Wi-Fi zone and adding more members to an existing zone. The day is not too far away when an entire office can comfortable work with a single portable Wi-Fi connection. There is no regular installation and updating required. Just plug it in, configure once and you are good to go. Interesting, right? Set up your portable Wi-Fi zone today!

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