How to Remove Trending Articles from Facebook News Feed

Facebook is the backbone of the social networking site and also the major part of our life. We spend great amount of time in Facebook and that makes Facebook a comfortable place for us. However, it might not be comfortable for everyone for everything. The Trending Articles of Facebook might annoy many as it has […]

Kick Off Your Holiday Shopping with these Wonderful Gadgets

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s time to start shopping. Gift giving to your friends and family should be a rewarding experience, and to make it easier here’s a list of the gifts they’re guaranteed to want. Gadgets always make people smile, and these are cool options to get them connected, downloading, and having […]

How to Remove “Earlier Version of Windows” from Windows Boot Menu

If you are keen on removing the previous edition of Windows from boot menu, then you are at the right place. People started looking solution for something like this especially after the inception of Windows 7, as a lot of sweat was drained to completely remove the Windows XP. In fact, such issue of older […]

Using Teamviewer Remote Support and Online Meeting Software

If you are an individual who uses your computer and internet for generic stuff like browsing, social media platforms, checking emails etc, then chances are that you might never have heard about TeamViewer Remote support & Online meeting software. However, if you are someone who had to remotely connect to another computer for whatever reason, […]

How to Fake Your Location in Google Chrome

Fool the Sites with Wrong Location Information in Google Chrome Websites can tell about your exact location. They can do so through HTML 5 Geolocation API. However, you can also make others fool being a little smart. Through Google Chrome you can smoothly change your present location. Sites Finding Your Information: You must have marked […]