Schedule Your Mails To Be Sent Later

You never know when an incredible plan kicks your mind, but not necessarily that present moment to be the right time to deliver. In this life in a hurry, there are many occasions when scheduling things prior becomes a must. In both the above cases, scheduling the email for a future date comes handy.

Mail Schedule

Microsoft Outlook can help you on this matter. Though Gmail has nothing native as such, still, through certain extensions you can get the option of setting a date, for the mail to be sent. There are certain issues like privacy, restrictions on number of mails that can be sent, are associated with the above cases though. However, Google Sheet is very adept on this matter.

Google Sheet Features [Free And Premium Edition]

You just have to compose all those mails to be sent in future and keep them as drafts. Assign a date for those to be sent later in the Google sheet, and the texts would be sent automatically in accordance.

There is the premium version of the service as well through which you can associate other mails with it. Features like changing sender’s mail id, changing the schedule, troubleshooting, PDF installation, can be enjoyed through Premium editions only. There is no limit for the number of mails that can be scheduled with premium edition.

The best part about scheduling the messages through Google sheet is that it is too simple for someone to go through.

How To Go With Gmail Scheduler In Action:

  • Sign-in with your mail account, and compose the mails you wish to be sent later. These messages can be integrated with attachments, images, signatures, scanned stuffs, etc. Don’t forget to include the mail address of the receiving person.
  • You can find the option to have a copy of the scheduler sheet within the Google Drive.
  • Set the default time zone of the Google spreadsheet, as the mails are scheduled within the time zone.
  • Within the sheet, go through Authorize under the Gmail Scheduler and allow as it asks. You can stay sure of security, as the script runs within the Google Drive and your data is always kept private.
  • Now pick Gmail Scheduler, then Fetch Messages to bring the entire draft texts from the mail account to the Google Sheet.
  • Assign date and time for each texts in D coloumn of the sheet. Have a double tap on a cell, and set the date and time through date picker.
  • Move to Gmail Scheduler, then to Schedule Messages and run it. The texts are now sent spontaneously in accordance the time and det you have set.

Keep it in mind that as the messages are scheduled, you should not make any changes; otherwise, the texts will be taken away from the list. In case you want to edit in timing or anything such, you should take the drafts again, and rearrange the queue.

Alter The Spreadsheet Timezone

The set date and time within the cells take the default timezone within the spreadsheet in to account. When you wish to send those in other timezone, you just have to choose a different timezone going through File, then Spreadsheet menu from spreadsheet.

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