Schedule Your Windows 10 PC To Perform The Way You Like Spontaneously

Humans are machine dependent. You feel the above in a best way when you are damn tired but helpless to let your device finish its formalities. However, the scenario has changed; you just need to be aware of it. Here we introduce a nice tool Shutdown Timer that works magically to perform as it should be. In fact, it can handle various other tasks like restart, log-off, sleep mode, etc as well perfectly in accordance with the requirement.

Windows 10

Going With The Shutdown Timer:

  • Prior playing with it in any way, you have to download it first.
  • Now install it, and run.
  • It then shows you different option of states, and you can set in accordance.

However, it is here to mention that the tool is going to close all others programs as it starts, hence there is every chance of you losing the unsaved data.

Setting-Up The Shutdown Timer In Accordance With Date And Time:

You have to put the time interval post which you wish your system to be at the state you want to be in.

To make it happen, you have to check the ’Activate’ option, so that it takes you to the state where you can set your timer, and the app takes action in accordance.

You can find the option to set the date following the same procedure as of above for the Shutdown Timer to be performed for a forthcoming date.

In Accordance With Processor And Temperature :

You can decide about the performance and temperature of your device as well.

Following the above procedure, you have to check the ‘Activate’ box and set the standard for processor usage. It means, if the usage of the processing unit crosses set standard, the app takes action the way you have decided.

In the same way, you can make the app react when the temperature of your CPU crosses a certain value for a certain time.

In Accordance With Storage :

This is an interesting setting.

Here you can put your device in to the specific state as the usage of storage space crosses a certain value for a specific time range. The procedure for setting this is also quite as of the above.

According To Network:

In this case, you can set the network adapter that will be checked. As the network activity comes to a certain state, the Shutdown Timer begins its process and puts the system in to the condition as you have set.

This setting can be handy in those instances when you have no option but to make your device running due to some current download.

You can set it the way, if the download speed comes down to a fixed value for certain time duration, then the device stays at the state you have set earlier.


Undoubtedly, the above settings are for those who really love or care for their devices.

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