Speed up your Torrent Downloads

Ever since internet was invented, probably this peer to peer file transferring technology more popularly known as torrents have been made lives way easier than we thought. Torrent basically is a file transfer system that works on the P2P networking protocol and requires people’s participation to keep downloads active. To download torrents at the full accommodated speed, there are certain procedures to follow. And also be informed that not all torrents are good; you have to know how to distinguish between good and bad torrents. A lower quality torrent will waste your precious bandwidth but end up getting nowhere whereas the good ones download the data as faster as possible. Do these quick checks before downloading a torrent.

Speed up Torrent Downloads


Check for the Seeder Count

Seeders are the people that are uploading the files from their computers to the network – basically the files you download are getting transferred from other people’s computers to yours. The more seeders there are, the faster your download will be. After a file has been downloaded via torrent, the file will automatically start uploading unless you hit the stop button. It’s a good practice to let the files seed for a while after the download complete – you should thank the people and also let others have a chance right?

Use Wired Connections if Possible

Most households have gone wireless and WiFi routers are our most favorite medium for connecting to the internet. But if you want a really good speed, you might want to ditch the wireless and hook your computer to a LAN cable. Maybe your desktop computer is still connected to a wired end of your internet connection so download torrents using that computer.

Check Whether the Limits are Pushed too further

Downloading many torrents at once might pull a bar to each torrent’s allocated bandwidth. The bandwidth would be divided among all the active downloads you have. If there’s only one download the only that download would have all the bandwidth which often supersedes your connection bandwidth. Adjust how many downloads you can have at once from Options > Preferences > Queuing.

Check Whether your ISP Caps Torrent Speed

There are many internet service providers these days that simply don’t like providing torrent download services since it kind of creates a pressure on their network distribution – hence they apply some bandwidth cap on the torrent downloads. If you notice the speed getting stuck at a specific bandwidth range every time while downloading torrent files, maybe it’s time to call up your ISP and ask for an explanation or maybe change them. At some regions of the world this capping could be even legal, sadly.

Change Port Numbers

Network ports are used for Torrent based file transfers. If you are into changing these advanced parameters, then try changing the port number first. You might want to try a port above 10,000 because these are usually less cluttered with traffic and offers higher bandwidth.

Limit Peer Numbers

If your internet connection is not so good enough for torrent downloads and uploads, then limit the peer number for each torrent to around 50-70. This would keep sufficient download peers for the torrent download but download only few parts of the file to maintain the balance.


Torrents are usually fast if you get one with enough seeders. However, there are plenty other factors we have mentioned here which should be kept in mind. Sound condition met for all of these would mean successful torrent downloads.

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