Tips to Create a YouTube Playlist Without Logging In

More often than not, you come across a situation wherein you need to send across a collection of your favorite YouTube videos to another person. This might be over a weekly email newsletter or on Facebook or Google Plus. The normal method would be to use your Google account to log in to YouTube, create a playlist, include all your favorite videos and then share the playlist URL in the newsletter or social media.  If you don’t want any search engines to pick up your playlist, you can change the privacy to unlisted.

Youtube Playlist

However, the equation changes drastically when you need to create an anonymous playlist comprising YouTube videos. It simply means that you do not want to login to your or any Google account, but still wants to create a YouTube playlist. Under normal circumstances, this seems a bit far-fetched and many would turn you down. However, there is a URL hack that works like a charm and lets you create / edit YouTube playlists on the go, all without even having to login to your YouTube account. Let us find out how to create such virtual YouTube playlists.

Before we begin, you need to know that each and every video uploaded on YouTube is assigned a video ID which kind of acts like its MAC number or an IMEI number, if you will. Therefore, no two videos will have the same video ID. When you click on a YouTube video, spare a moment to observe the URL before committing yourselves to the video. After the YouTube address ( towards the end of the URL, you will see a string of alpha numeric characters. That is the video ID of the YouTube video you are watching. Similarly, all videos have a unique video ID.

By creating a chained list of these video IDs, you can make a new YouTube playlist with the selected videos. You need to separate the video IDs using commas and you are free to add as many IDs as you want. So your final YouTube playlist’s URL will look somewhat like this; ( _videos?video_ids=VideoID1, VideoID2, VideoID3, VideoID4…)

Now, this playlist is like a normal YouTube playlist you create after logging into your account. This will have all the functionalities as a normal YouTube playlist, allowing users to share, embed or copy it into other Google accounts. You can add / edit / delete videos from this virtual playlist by changing the video IDs in the playlist URL.

For instance, if you need to delete Video 3 from the playlist and instead add Video 6, the final playlist URL would look somewhat like this.

( _videos?video_ids=VideoID1, VideoID2, VideoID6, VideoID4…)

Alternatively, if you need to delete, Video 1, the corresponding ID needs to be removed and the final URL will be like

( _videos?video_ids VideoID2, VideoID3, VideoID4…)

Make sure the different video IDs are separated by commas and your virtual YouTube playlist is ready. And if in the future, you need to incorporate this into your regular YouTube account, you can do the same by copying the URL into your playlist manager.

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