What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Earn Through it?

How about earning a few extra amount without doing much work?  Now who wouldn’t love that idea? work? Today there are various methods by which you can earn money online. One of these methods is affiliate marketing. In this fast paced world, it is no longer a tough task to earn a few extra bucks that too online. Nowadays there are many companies that offer affiliate marketing. We all must have heard this term but only might be aware of it. In this article we will discuss in detail about affiliate marketing and how one can earn through this medium.

Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To begin, one needs to be familiar with what actually affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing in which a business rewards their affiliates for each customer they bring by their marketing efforts.

There are many products and services that you can promote online. An affiliate uses various marketing and advertising methods to draw in visitors and audience to their site. These methods include search engine optimization (SEO), paid search engine marketing (PPC- pay per click), email marketing etc.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Now here is the main question, how does this process work? When you join an Affiliate program and pick the product that you wish to market, the seller gives you a unique affiliate code. Now this code is used to drive the traffic to your blog or site. Most sellers offer readymade text, banner, links etc which you can easily place on your website to refer the traffic. When a user clicks on these links, called the affiliate links, on your website, he/she gets redirected to the product site. And if the purchase is made using this ink, this will entitle you as certain fixed amount or percentage of the product as your commission. So the more people purchase using your affiliate link, the more money to earn.

The sellers track your performance using your member ID and the affiliate softwares (e.g. WP Affiliate Platform) that they utilize. You likewise have finish, real time access to all deals and commissions details.

But not all affiliate programs require you to sell a product to earn money. There are many who use different payment terms like:-

 Pay per Sale

In this program a seller pays you a certain percentage of the deal cost when the purchase is made.

Pay per Click

In this program you get paid according to the quantity of visitors you divert to the Merchant’s site from your affiliate site, regardless of whether a deal is made or not.

Pay per Lead

You get paid once the referred visitor gives their contact data on the objective site by filling a contact form.

Why to become an Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate marketing is thought to be one of the world’s quickest developing and best web showcasing procedures to gain cash on the web and here are a few reasons why: –

Cost Effective

Marketing on the web is shabby and you don’t need to stress over the generation cost as the product is developed by the seller.

Global Market

Online promoting gives you the chance to contact individuals everywhere throughout the world effectively.

No Fees

You don’t have to pay anything to join affiliate programs.

Extra Income

Affiliate marketing can be a steady income source apart from your fixed monthly salary.

Work from home

If you profit then you don’t need to stress over going to work in the meantime consistently or getting stuck in movement. You can work in the comfort of your own home.

Tips on Becoming a Successful Affiliate Marketer

After going through the advantages of affiliate marketing, you must be tempted to try your hands at it. But the beginnings are never easy. There are certain strategies that you need to plan and follow, unless you may fail. Here are some of the tips that will help you in your affiliate marketing.

Research and choose limited good products

The main mistake almost everyone does is that they tend to promote everything available product. Try promoting only a limited number of products so that you are able to focus on them properly rather than creating a mess.

Utilize Several Traffic Sources to Promote Products

Always explore various other site and ways to promote your product. The more traffic you send to your page, the more you earn. You can also use Google Adwords to drive traffic to your sales page.

Test, Measure and Track Your Affiliate Campaign

It is a very necessary and mandatory step. Always use different strategies so that you can track and figure out which method works out best for you. Always measure the performance and take actions accordingly. You can make use of various tracking software to track your conversions.

Research about the Demand of the Product

You need to first do a thorough research on the product you choose. Choosing a low demand product will not help you to get more sales. So to avoid that, you need to conduct an online survey which can easily give you inputs from the buyers so that you will know what is in demand.

Remain Current with New Methods and Techniques

Affiliate marketing is an extremely focused field and individuals are continually looking for new systems. Attempt to remain current with these new procedures and market drifts else you will fall behind.  Also use helpful tools.

Pick the Right Merchant

When you market an item you additionally promote the individual or the organization that is behind the item so attempt to pick wisely. You don’t need your visitors to go and purchase an item taking after your recommendation then return troubled.  Such visitors shall never want to visit your site again. So always pick the right merchant who sells guaranteed products.


Here we have summed up everything about affiliate marketing. All you have to do is pick a product and get going. Initially you will need to put in efforts but it’s not a difficult process after all. Affiliate marketing is the one thing that you should try out and earn those few extra bucks.


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